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“Good help is hard to find”.  We didn’t start out in the personnel business. In fact, our background is deeply ingrained and influenced by agriculture and the need to balance the business with the lifestyle; and the absolute necessity of finding the right fit between employer and employee in order for that business to be successful.

This is Clayton Marxer, owner and partner in Farm and Ranch Personnel, LLC. I’ve had the unique opportunity over many years, to work under and learn from, several great ranch and people managers across the country. Mostly I was involved in ag business, including family ranches, outfitting, livestock auction, guest ranches, and corporate ranches. On one huge corporate ranch,  I watched employees come and go like clockwork, and observed the manager as he restructured systems which changed the average employee tenure of 2 years, to an average of 11 years. Profits increased, costs went down, and so did the rate of safety incidents–- dramatically.

He knew the importance of finding the right people to fit the different positions, and he also knew that skills and experience had to be balanced with other traits. Too often employers make the mistake of hiring based on skills or perceived potential of an employee; or simply hiring a “warm body” just to get by when they’re in a pinch. Employment laws make it difficult to fully investigate the very traits that determine whether or not an applicant is a fit. He, like many other successful managers, often turned to Farm & Ranch Personnel for pre-screened job candidates.

Our job candidates clearly spell out to FRP what their needs, qualifications, and expectations are concerning a ranch job or farm job, because those employees want to find a good job fit, just as badly as the employer wants to find the perfect candidate. FRP takes the guessing out of the game, and provides you with solid candidates who have gone through a very selective evaluation process that allows us to pre-qualify them. The pre-qualification process is not easy, and the simple fact that a candidate has completed the process is an indicator of their seriousness and self-motivation.

Investing in your personnel search is an investment in the future of your business. Call us first when you are ready to hire. Reverse the old saying:  “Hiring him was like losing 3 good men”. When you have the right people in the right place, the job usually gets done with less people.

Interview the best, and avoid the rest!

Farm & Ranch Personnel has been providing private recruitment and job placement services for Montana farmers, ranchers, and ag-business since 1985.

Beginning in 2012, we are reaching out to the broader intermountain west region, and beyond, to help fill a need for connecting high quality agriculture job seekers with job providers.

Farm & Ranch Personnel is unique among private recruiters and placement services in its professional emphasis on career-matching and in-depth candidate evaluations.

 But more importantly, we are unique in our depth of understanding of the special considerations involved in obtaining the right personnel fit for available jobs and career opportunities on remote farms, ranches and other natural resource related businesses.


Our innovative referral system is the best in the industry, and we stand behind our referrals with a guarantee. We save you hours of time, and ensure that you interview only the best and avoid the rest. Register here, fill out a job order on-line, or, call us today. There’s no obligation to look, there’s no charge to list.

Let us help you take the hassle out of hiring.

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FRP works Hard to provide the best people for the best Farm Jobs and Ranch Jobs