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Take the Hassle out of Hiring

Ray Marxer, retired

Ranch Manager,

Matador Cattle Co., MT

Having the right people in the right place can mean the difference between profit and loss... Skills  can be taught. Character traits such as morals, values, humility, honesty and integrity, can not. ..The ideal employee will have a blend of good character traits, be teachable, and have a good set of skills. Farm & Ranch Personnel does an excellent job of screening,  and

stands behind their service.

Ranch Jobs include feedlot riders, and Ranch Managers

With Farm & Ranch Personnel, it is always free to look. It’s also free to list a position, and there is no obligation to hire anyone we refer. But you are required to sign our services contract*, which obligates you to (a) consider and interview our referrals in good faith, and (b) pay a modest placement fee if you decide to hire our referral.  

Job Orders

Screening job applicants before they step foot on your farm or ranch is what our

referral process is all about. Reliable, permanent employees are hard to find, and

sometimes they can be hard to keep if the job is not the right fit-- and that can

include pay, job structure, performance incentives, and benefit package. The

key to avoiding  costly turnover is twofold:  (1) Interview the best and hire

the right person the first time; and (2) Provide an incentive structure based on

measurable expectations within the responsibilities of that job.

We present you with the “cream of the crop”. Only those applicants whom we are confident meet your basic hiring criteria are offered to you. If they’re not qualified, they’re not sent. Period. In order that we may present you with the right candidates, it’s important that we have a clear picture of your business, and your expectations concerning employees and specific jobs. Part of our screening process involves spending time visiting with you, and personally visiting with you at your place of business when possible.

The better we understand your specific needs, the better we can serve you.

Farm Jobs and Ranch Jobs in the west include putting up hay, and irrigation.

Employees can make or break you--they are truly the life blood of every business. Finding great ranch employees has an extra degree of difficulty because it is such a personal relationship. We dreaded trying to find a new manager for the ranch, but Farm & Ranch Personnel made it very easy…Clayton took the time to fully understand specifically what was important to us prior to screening candidates for skills, personality, attitude, and expectations…

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I am very appreciative of the services offered by Farm & Ranch Personnel, and thankful that we made the decision to contact them. I wholeheartedly recommend Clayton and the

Farm & Ranch Personnel team.”  

Della Ehlke, Ehlke Herefords, Townsend,MT

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*Please download, sign, and return services contract form.

Click this link to complete and submit your JOB-ORDER online. (It will say “survey”). We prefer that you complete the job order online, however a hard copy may be downloaded below if needed. Return contract by fax, mail, or as e-mail attachment. Manually completed job orders may be returned with contract.

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